to the 1st Battalion 61st Infantry Regiment's unofficial web site, an Infantry unit once part of the 1st Brigade 5th Division and now part of TRADOC. If you only had one military history site to see, this is the one you would want. Combat history from World War One (WW I), Vietnam and Panama. Basic Training in the U S Army today. Follow the Red Diamond and the 1/61 through St. Mihiel, Verdun and Meuse Argonne in France to Quang Tri, Camp Red Devil and Con Tien in Vietnam to Camp Roadrunner in Panama (Operation Nimrod Dancer) to the Fourth Training Brigade at Ft Jackson, SC to TF 1/61 in Taszar, Hungary. Follow the history of a proud combat unit. Learn about the life, death and the profession of the combat Infantry soldier.

You will see photos, maps, and battle reports from World War I, Vietnam, Panama, Ft Jackson, SC and Hungary that never before have been presented. You will hear the music of the periods, see the battlefields in France and fly the DMZ area of Vietnam in your own helicopter.

This is a large site with over 400 pictures of France, Vietnam, Panama, Hungary, Ft. Carson, Ft. Polk, Ft. Jackson and men of the 1st BN 61st INF. 200+ pages of history and more than 20 maps. Less would not do justice to the history of the 1/61 and the soldiers that have served in it.

To assist you in your inspection there is a linked index and a linked change log. To speed your journey every effort has been made to keep each screen under 100 KB and thumbnails are used for many of the pictures. Page layout and pictures are presented to optimize viewing in 800 X 600 screen display.

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I hope you enjoy your visit to the 1st Battalion 61st Infantry Regiment's unofficial web site and return frequently.