1 May 1918 through 10 June 1918

In preparation for the move, all units of the 5th Infantry Division were ordered to mark their equipment containers with large red diamonds displaying a 5 in the center of the marking. This became the division symbol although for security reasons the 5 was removed from the diamond after the division reached France. Departing the US on troop ships the 61st arrived in England in mid May. After a brief rest the 61st continued on to eastern France and, along with the rest of the 5th Division, set up a training center in Bar-sur-Aube.

Training started on 22 May. Here French instructors introduced the men of the 61st Regiment to the French 75 mm Field Gun with its recoil compensation system that permitted accurate adjustment of fire. The US soldiers also trained on the French 155 mm artillery pieces, trench mortars and the Chauchat automatic rifle.

American Troops Land in France 75mm Field Gun



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