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Table of Changes

Going "Over There


Gas Goes to War

Barbed Wire

A Brief History of the Development of the Tank
          Enclosure 1 - LAV III

Sketch Map--5th DIVISION Sector-St-Die  

Sketch Map--Crossing the MEUSE

Distinguished Service Cross

D.S.C. Citation--SGT Earl Billingsly

D.S.C. List, 61st Regt, WW I

Sketch Map--61st Regiment in France WW I

Rosters 61st Inf Bn 1935 - 1938

Sketches from Pilsen

Memorial, PFC Charles Havlat

Sketch Map--5th DIVISION in Europe WW II

Operation "Sage Brush"

Sketch Map--Area of Operations,Vietnam

NVA/VC Order of Battle

Issue Map-SVN North of Cam Lo

Sketch Map--September Battle  

D.S.C. Citation--Captain Vernon

Operation Kentucky

Fire Support Operation Rich

Battle of Kinh Mon

D.S.C. Citation--LT Abernathy

Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry Awarded to 1/5

MP Collection Point Notes

Flame Platoon

Recollections of the Flame Platoon Leader

Named Operations

BATMAN 1/5 AVN Detachment  

Letter from Task Force 185th Aviation

Sick Humor

TF Remagen

Support Aircraft

"Spooky" firing Gattling Gun

Emergency Med Evac

Field Menu


"Redd" Carr

Dates of Unit Departures

Troop List--Task Force 161  

D.S.C. Orders--Captain Blunt

Members of the Patrol

D.S.C. Orders--Captain Starr

Sketch Map--November Battle

V.U.A. Orders--TF 161

Montana Mustang AAR

Lam Son 719/Dewey Canyon II



Stars & Stripes - Drawdown

Commanders--1st Bn 61st Infantry

Why Me?


Pacific Map

Indochina-VietNam War Review

TOC Floor Plan


1/61 in the Society of the Fifth

Training Record  

Weapons-Then and Now

Regimental Lineage 

1/61 in Taszar, Hungary

History, Taszar, Hungary

News Articles-Training Iraqi Exiles

Voices and Vignettes